Gregory and scott

 Snapdragon Images (Mark) is fantastic to work with and puts you at ease. He makes big, important moments feel intimate. His photos capture the true smile within.


David and Jessica

When you hire a photographer you are asking someone capture your most important moments, their work will become your family’s way of remembering. You will call upon these images for years to come. You want your photographer to be versatile, flexible, creative and passionate. Mark Issacson, owner of Snap Dragon Images is just this photographer.

   Mark has been my family’s photographer for the two most important events in my life. He was there to take newborn photos of our son not two weeks after bringing him home. He was one of the first people to enter our newly changed world. A very intimate setting and Mark made it enjoyable and relaxing only asking us to be ourselves. He made sure to take any shots we had our hearts set on but also came with many suggestions and ideas. One of my favorite shots came from an idea Mark was experimenting with. He talked to us about what his vision was and we took a chance! I was so appreciative how he involved us in all aspects of his creative process. The photos he took were breathtaking.

Mark was also our wedding photographer. He brought the same ease to this larger, outdoor experience on Whidbey Island. I knew that my husband and I would have a collection of captured memories that would be cherished forever. At the ceremony Mark not only took photos on the ground but brought a flying camera to add a birds eye view of the congregation. This was followed by a personalized couple’s photoshoot walking along the Washington Coast and then finally the cookout after, each frame has so much expression. I love the feeling that a candid smile can bring to my heart. The photographs of our wedding brighten my soul with every frame.

Mark captured the soul of our events.


Jeff and George

On our anniversary, we looked through the album of images and it took me back to our special day!! You captured so many amazing moments of us, our family and friends! And we can't thank you enough! Truly amazing pictures!