Voyage to Ingraham Flats, Mt. Rainier

A few friends and I attempted to summit Mt.Rainier this past weekend.  We managed to get all the way to Ingraham Flats and camped the first night.  We had seen the weather forecast for the night we anticipated summiting and it didn't look great but we thought we'd give it a shot anyway in case the weather turned for the better.  Unfortunately, it turned for the worst.  We just didn't feel comfortable climbing a few technical and hairy parts of the final push with possible 60 MPH wind gushes.  We also found later that one of the snow bridges that was damaged finally fell completely the night we were supposed to climb, which would have made our journey even more treacherous.  

Thankfully, we were smart and safe and are very comfortable with out decision of turning round in hopes to summit on a better day.  All in all, had a mini vacation with friends and had a wonderful time!  Took some great candids and a few panoramas of the mouton and little Tahoma.  Enjoy the images!